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Track Name: ALTA - Winter/Mute
why do we pay for gifts?
Unfortunate fucking myths
running tired from day to day
how do we stay?
my woes will weep
lyrics will fucking bleed
our family’s no longer know
our intensions grow
how do I, renew time?
our woes will weep//

remember when
we spent the day
searching for sky’s

searching finding nothing//
it must be hard to speak when all the things we say aren’t true
just laughing, it’s who we are
Track Name: ALTA - Ocean Liners
ocean waves, you went away
some other place
miles and days, salt from the grey
some other plane//

oh how quickly things they seem to stay
oh how quickly things they stay the same
oh how quickly things they seem to change//

things, they stay the same
Track Name: ALTA - Dakota
makeshift alarms
motors in cars
mechanical smiles//

jungle of arms//
maps are no use
we're to lost to find
a canvas of grey//

a handshake good bye
a billboard of bombs
where is this place
the beauty beneath
such ugly cascades
we invent gods
a free form of thought
the savior we taught
is coming a lie//

deep in our hearts, hold on my friends

this place is reversed, an ocean of hurt
Track Name: ALTA - Ray
go, we'll never move on.
Track Name: ALTA - Merry New Year
It’s for us//

You forced us//

Examine everything, who’s it for?//

Taking advantage of what we have
Don’t we know that choice is wrong?
Track Name: ALTA - + -
The others must be wrong
Declaring the same songs
They swept your hope now it’s gone
Now tell me to hold on//

Our haste subtracts restored lost acts//

We all
Stay True
We’re Through//

They’re Wrong