TGIC001 the Rufus EP

by Canyons

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Canyons is four guys Loud amps and ooh that smell.
Rufus is the party.
Since day one of the CanyonsHouse house shows, Rufus has mingled with touring bands from all over and we've all had a blast.
We wanted to immortalize Rufus in song. So we did. We are in the middle of some projects and realized we had songs we still play live that never saw a real release.
If anything we've written so far deserves a single... it's Rufus.
That being decided we picked two songs to cover to throw with the old and new songs then visited UTG studios on Halloween.
The purpose of this ep is to raise Rufus Robinson awareness. That and to let people know Canyons wants to party.


released November 10, 2009

Morgan "PUNCH" Mabrey - Guitar
Jake Bakert - Drums
Matt "BLACK IOWA" Mabrey - Bass / Vocals
Bobby Johnson - Vocals
art by Roy Scaggs
Recorded by Cole Dillingham
Halloween 2009
song 4 orginally by The Toadies
song 5 originally by Geraldo!
thank you



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The Ghost Is Clear Records Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: are you there god? it's me Rufus
Hey up there / do you see me? / way down here / at my rock bottom / took the bad road / avoided the signs / ...and the advice / now I'm growing my fingernails long / to dig my way out / now I'm growing my fingernails long / to dig my way out / and everyone is angry / that I've nothing to give / talk behind my back / bout how stupid I've been / ... and for every winner / theres gonna be / someone / to lose it all / oh it's a pity / you're so ashamed / just look away / I've heard enough / I told you so's / it is what it is / lets call it consequence
Track Name: Dirt for Sale
Sacrifices / that you've made / caused by a / selfless agenda / so I've been told ... you can't escape what is home / just so you know / it's never too late to hope /
I've never felt so alive / I've never felt so deprived / when your mistakes become mine
apologies can never compete / with respect you're owed and have yet to recieve / I'm aware that I was ignorant / what I wouldn't give to go back / so many harmful thoughts to retract
Track Name: Milwaukee Talkie
Fill me in / I wanna know / Fill me in.
I wanna know whats making you so sure
that you can say forever
you and I both know
people's feelings change
so how can you
be so sure
to say forever
to claim forever
don't get me wrong .. I'm so happy
for.. you both
don't get me wrong
but fill me in
I gotta know
whats making you so sure
I think I think you're brave
and optimistic
todays the day
I think you're brave.
Track Name: Backslider (Toadies cover)
Bended knee / nine years old / waitin' for.../ just one word!
I was thinkin' of all the things / my daddy told me of
sin and salvation and / manhood and dignity...
all that time / in the dark / just one word...backslider!
I remember the day I stepped / into the water
my daddy held me in his hands / and pushed my head under / and said...
son I am / so proud. / just one word...backslider!
well I opened my eyes / and my daddy held me in his hands
I looked up through the water / and thought I saw Jesus, and then...
well I threw up my hands!
and I heard, Amen! / and I prayed, sweet Jesus
don't let me become a backslider!
Track Name: A Question of Ethics
Wondering if you thought twice / about anything in your life
wondering if you thought twice / about anything in your life
did you think news wouldnt' reach my ears?
i'm educated and my resources / are nearly unlimited
you said you've got yourself a ghost
far fetched imagination you must have / to think that I'd be had
I'm amused / it's clear! .. neglect was a factor
in the courtroom's decision making process
I ... I wont deny / I ... I dropped the dime
and if I had a dollar / I'd do it ten more times
drop off the face of the earth / I wont lose sleep at night