TGIC004 Annals

by Foreign Theaters

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released March 12, 2010



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The Ghost Is Clear Records Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Cycles
The ages passed have continued through mounds of dust
can we ever be on common ground in this indiscretion?
Who draws the lines for reason? For madness?
We're all pawns of a scheming cycle, of death and terror.
In our streets, in our homes, in our hearts.
Peace be the Falsehood of humankind.
We're all damned to repeat.
Track Name: King Shit of Fuck Mountain
I am but a man. I see no light; No place to call home.
I'm crawling on all fours. In a place like hell.
Here we all stand still frozen in the bleak, and desperate void.
That engulfs our world.
biding our time til death.
The end is nigh.
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
The sun sets on a new age of violence.
Attempts to bring wars in the name of false gods.
Awaken the nightmare inside my sleep.
We look to the sky as it's falling, the amber burning the color from our eyes.
Awaken the nightmare inside my sleep, and paint the sky red with my hands.
Hell is on our doorstep, Call on the Rapture to save us from sin, and wipe the world clean
of our ways.
As the horses draw nearer, there's no more shelter, we've made the bed we're dying in.
Track Name: Marshall pt. 2
You say this is your town, well you can have it!
'Cause me and my friends are on our way out.
There's no art in this town, only conformity.
There's no life in this town, only meaningless existance.